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Let’s simplify life: one paper good at a time.

I say we SHOULD sweat the small stuff. The small stuff makes up our ENTIRE day when you think about it. I'm constantly striving to create beautiful paper goods that are functional + helpful to your everyday. Paper goods that help us simplify all the things. I'm a mom. The need for efficiency and effortlessness is never-ending. I get it. And for things to be beautiful to look at and useful in the process, even better!

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Hi there! I'm Kristin and that's my face up there. An architectural + interior designer by trade, a self-taught graphic and stationery designer, and a mama by day + night. And those other cute goofballs are my people: my babies and my main squeeze/husband. Random fact: the photo on the left, where I am holding a hand-carved, wooden hippo…this little guy came home with me from the San Diego Zoo many years ago, and later became the namesake for my shop. The gift that keeps on giving!

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Fuzzy Hippo Shop is a boutique design studio est. in 2011 by designer Kristin Giesselmann in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas specializing in:

+ paper goods

+ custom graphics + stationery

+ interior design


My professional design experience ranges from residential and educational architectural design, interior design, to custom logo and brand conception, and is well over a decade in the making. During this time I also spent an extensive amount of time learning the graphics, presentation and paper goods world in heavy detail. It was here where I found my love and niche for paper goods that helps us solve our everyday problems.

Custom design projects in the shop range from logo/brand conception, to a wide variety of invitations, custom stationery, personalized greeting cards, as well as a range of professional and personal printed goods. If you can dream it up and it has to do with paper, we can probably make it happen!

I LOVE CUSTOM PROJECTS. I love getting to know you and how we can solve your design dilemmas + make your designs reflect you in a genuine and authentic way. Thank you to all my clients who are such a joy to collaborate with and who trust me with your precious design babies!


Our current line of paper good designs focus on desk + home.

Each design is *printed in small batches or made to order* in-house or printed locally whenever possible.

Materials are sourced locally as much as possible, and each design strives for minimal waste, from the completed product to the packaging and shipping.


I've spent time looking at my own life and home and found areas where help was needed to allow me to stay on top of ALL THE THINGS and keep us connected to the people we love; it's just as simple as that.

As mother of two, who's command center is home, while running a business, many of these items you find in our shop have been crucial in helping us streamline things in our own home. There’s also other fun things sprinkled around too, like light-hearted greeting cards and wall art prints, because you need to laugh too! And stay organized. Without much effort. That is my mission. Are you ready?

OTHER THINGS I LOVE: vintage patterns and prints, mid-century everything, old cookbooks, thrifts stores, minimalism designs, Scandinavian interiors, the ever-changing dynamic of family life, kid + adult friendly spaces…

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.


COMING SOON! Online *INTERIOR DESIGN* services you can access in your pajamas! My design support will help YOU transform + make the most of YOUR spaces, in however small or grand way you're needing! Sign up below to stay in the loop of when this service will be available. Trust me, it’s going to be pretty fantastic!


Let's chat anytime: fuzzyhippodesign@gmail.com

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