Kristin has often been called a "font nerd"; a title she thoroughly embraces. A perfect day for her consists of time with family, working on her garden with her daughter, sipping coffee, cooking + enjoying a good smelling house that results, dreaming about home renovation projects to her 1960s Texas home, and frequently rearranging furniture probably more than her husband would prefer. 

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do you like hippos? 

Oh yes! Very much so! They seem to have a really bad rep in the animal world. I don't think they are the most dangerous animal in Africa. I'm sorry, but I am way more fearful of a lion in the wild than a hippo, just saying...

how do you pronounce your last name? 

It's Giesselmann...think GEESE.... GEESE-AL-MAN. It is German and the name I took when I married my husband, Luke. The only people that seem to pronounce it correctly are some of the youngsters at the check out lanes in grocery stores. Go figure!

what's the last design project you worked on?

In our home, I just created large format prints of two of Luke and I's prized family recipes that are super important to us. One is a family fudge recipe from my husband's family, and one is of a family tomato sauce recipe from my grandmother's side that was passed down to her from her parents in Sicily. Both are now framed above my spice shelves in the kitchen and make us so happy to look at! 

do you have kids?

Yes, I'm a girl mom of two littles and I have one fur baby, named Chai (yep, just like the tea)!

what do you think your husband finds the most annoying about you?

Probably the amount of furniture rearranging I like to do. 

where are your favorite places to shop?

Marshalls, estate sales, thrift and resale shops, and I love to shop my own home!

what does that mean, shop your own home?

I mean a lot of times before I go buy something, I will try to look around our house and see if I can reuse something we already have that has been used for something else. Sometimes moving something into another space makes it super awesome again, and wow, I love the cost...FREE!

favorite color?

For my home and designing, I like to use light and fresh neutrals like whites and grays. It makes for such a great background palette for anything you bring into your space and goes with everything! For happiness and a general calming vibe, a color somewhere in between sea foam green and a light aqua blue. Contrary to all of this, I also love colorful patterns and prints in small doses, particularly those that are vintage.

chocolate or vanilla?

Offensive question!!! CHOCOLATE. Obviously.

did you play sports growing up?

Yes, swimming through college and club soccer until high school.

so you're pretty competitive then...


do you have any siblings?

Yes, one older sister. 

what are some of your most favorite things?

Snuggles with my babies, finding awesome books at resale book shops, my cookbook collection, gardening, car drive dates with my dog, cooking for my family, my girls giggling with my husband, clean counter tops, the smell of clean sheets, all those warm fall smells, organization, creative spaces...