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I think we make our homes more complicated than they need to be. I’m constantly striving to create beautiful goods that are functional + helpful to our everyday needs. I’m a mom. The need for efficiency and effortlessness is never ending. I get it.
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Hi there! I'm Kristin and that's my face up there. An architectural designer by trade and a mama by day + night. Photo: my hand-carved, wooden hippo sourced from the San Diego zoo. Little did I know it would someday be the namesake for my shop.


Fuzzy Hippo Shop is a boutique design practice run by designer Kristin Giesselmann in the heart of DFW, Texas specializing in:

+ paper goods

+ custom graphics

+ interior design

The shop started in 2011 out of a need for a creative outlet beyond Kristin's architecture career. My first design projects were custom furniture, furniture reinvention, and custom mixed medium art pieces. Over the years, my love for graphics and interiors took over and I finally stopped ignoring the little voice in my head to shift my focus! My professional design experience ranges from residential and education architectural design, custom logo and brand conception, to interior design.


Our current line of paper good designs focus on desk + home. I've spent time looking at my own life and home and found areas where help was truly needed; it's just as simple as that. As mother of two, who's command center is home, many of these items you find in our shop have been crucial in helping us streamline things in our own home.


COMING SOON! Online *INTERIOR DESIGN* services you can access in your pajamas!

Our design support will help YOU transform + make the most of YOUR spaces, in however small or grand way you're needing!

Please stayed tuned...we are working hard to make this service a reality with in the next year, so we'll be sure to keep you in the loop when we're ready to go! Sign up HERE to stay in the loop!


Let's chat anytime: fuzzyhippodesign@gmail.com


Kristin has often been called a "font nerd"; a title she thoroughly embraces. A perfect day for her consists of time with family, working on her garden with her daughter, sipping coffee, cooking + enjoying a good smelling house that results, dreaming about home renovation projects to her 1960s Texas home, and frequently rearranging furniture probably more than her husband would prefer.